Sunday, November 25, 2012

Drummer Girl \m/

So I was invited to participate in a fun shoot where we would convey a rock band and I immediately said yes. I got all excited and happy because it's not everyday I get to be a rockstar. Hahah! :)

I chose an outfit that was low key but very comfortable so that I could rock out my performance as a drummer. By the way, I do not know how to play the drums. XD But I am now really interested because of this photoshoot. Hahaha!

Photos are taken by my good friends Mark Queso and Putx Cheng. :)

Mark said he'd post more photos soon. So  keep posted! ;)

Rock on,
Hey Koylee :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Baby Love ♥

Remember this cutie patootie right here? If not, guys, meet Lucius. My youngest nephew so far. He's 4 months old and he's the sweetest babe ever. Hardly ever cries ;)

Lucius and his parents constantly spend time over at our grandma's place.
So that Mama Vice (our grandma) could spend time with her apo sa tuhod or great grandchild. 

Lucius is one blessed baby to be loved by so many people. I can't wait to see his face when I show this blog post years from now. Hahah!

Hey there, baby! Tita Koylee loves you so much! ;)

Miami ♥

Meet Miami.
Miami is the boss of the house.
Lucky dog, he gets fed almost 4 times a day.
While I get to eat only twice. Haha!

He's fat, short and smelly.
He likes jumping on other people.
He loves to sneak his way inside the house.
We then have to bribe him with treats or food just for him to get out.

But besides all that.
He's truly man's best friend.
He even made my mama to love him when the truth is,
mama hates dogs. Hahah!

This little dog right here,
is the favorite of the family.
He gets the royal treatment all the time.
He's such a lovable dog that you can't resist him.

And the best part is,
he's the best guard dog ever.
He might be short and stout.
But I bet he'd guard us and the house with all his tiny little heart.
He has got the loudest bark ever,
and even if from a distance away and he thinks your a threat,
he'd perk up his ears and bark that almighty bark.

How I love this little dog.
How we all love Miami. :)

So lately...

Hey there blogging world! Did you miss me? Well, I sure did miss you! First things first, I'd like to say a huge SORRY for not keeping you up to date about my life through these rose colored glasses of mine. Frankly, I've been very lazy. VERY VERY lazy. I have let parties, social gatherings, photo walks, photo shoots and absolutely EVERYTHING blog worthy go unnoticed! I always said to myself that, "I'd blog that later" or "I'll upload these to my blog asap!" but it never happened. Now those pictures are stale. =(

But not to worry! I have come up with a plan! :D Because I am such an avid user of Facebook, I tend to upload ALL the pictures of a said event THEN my mistake of deleting those photos from my camera. Then I get too lazy to download all those nice photos to put up this here blog!

Buuuuuuuut! I made up my mind to upload ONE PHOTO (or more, if I can't help it. Teehee!) every event I take photos of. One photo that I must say, stand out from the rest or is my super favorite.

What do you guys think about this idea? :)
I really really wanna get back into blogging.

So forgive me if I spam now. I want to share to everyone ALL the things you missed out. Hahahahaha! :)

Hey Koylee

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nail Art ♥

My cousin John sent me a baby blue nail polish from the States and I just fell in love with it. I couldn't resist trying out my all time favorite nail art.

I love how the colors transition from baby blue to dark blue and to black.
Tell me what you think about my nails! :)

Ta ta for now,
Hey Koylee :)

Tickled Pink ♥

I discovered my cousin's matte lip gloss and thought of trying it on. And I'm in love with it! It's matte, bright and a real stand out color!

The only problem I had with this lip gloss is that because of it's matte finish, my lips tend to show cracks and lines all over because of the dryness. Not a really pretty sight but hey, no one's really gonna notice right? Hahah! Oh well. Who cares, I'm still in love with it. ;)

Hey Koylee :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lucius ♥

Hey friends! Meet this lil cute bundle of joy, Lucius. He's the son of my cousin Toni and husband Job. He's two months old and I love him to bits! He's the cutest baby ever. :)

Baby Lucius just woke up, he's giving us a lil stretch before he shows us those pretty eyes of his ;)

Tell me, can you resist a terribly cute face like this?! :)

Little feet ♥

Just look at that smile, those lashes, that cute little nose. He's a gift from God! :)