Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day :)

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

June 17, 2012

Father's Day. It's a very special day today in honor of the hard working, ever loving, supportive and protective fathers around the world. 

And I'd like to share about the amazing men in my life. :)

Papa Bamboy, thank you for being a very loving father to me. I thank you for understanding me, being a teenage drama queen that I am. Despite my pointless and annoying dramas, you never raise your voice at me 'til the time the last straw. Though stern and very strict, I understand because you only want what is best for me, and you care about my safety. I love you very much and I cannot thank you enough for always being there. I can never repay all the love and care you've showered upon me through all the 18 years. From taking me to school early in the morning, to sending my lunch when I forgot to bring it, from buying me Kitkat and picking me up from school when I get stranded because of the rain. Pa, thank you. Plain and simple. I love you and I will always be your number one and only princess.
I love you, Jose Ocaya. I love you, Bambolini! :)

And a happy Father's Day to you too, my dear Papa Vice! Though you are not with us anymore, I can still feel your presence radiating in my life. You will never be forgotten, Papa. You're truly a one of a kind grandpa. I can still remember going over to the White House, and before anything else, plant a kiss on your cheek. I can still picture you reclining on your bed, reading the newspaper and your eyes full of life and smiles. I love you, Papa Vice! I miss you everyday. Thank you for being a really great grandpa to me, and that I will never forget.
I salute to you, Esmeraldo Cudal! Happy Father's Day! :)


Koylee. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shoelaces. ♥

Here Let Me Tie Your Shoe Laces, So You Won’t Fall For Anyone Else

A very corny pick up line but pick up lines can make any girl smile. I kinda favor this pick up line myself, and have used it once or twice (as a joke, of course). Anyways, about shoelaces. I'm an avid fan of shoelaces. Did you know that plastic end on the shoelace is actually called an "aglet"? Yep, thanks Phineas and Ferb for teaching me that! You could actually learn a lot from those little kids. :)

Shoelaces here, shoelaces there. I think I have every color imaginable. Ranging from neons to darks. And just recently, I gave someone two pairs of shoelaces. Judging by the smile on his face, I guess he liked my gift. Teehee! :3 Hmmm. Just a few days ago, I spent my allowance on shoelaces again. Hahaha! I think I bought about 5 pairs? xD I can't even remember. Hahaha. I bought this neon yellow and pink, grey, red and another color. I forgot. And I'm super duper excited to try them out! Til the next post. :D

Koylee. :) 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Day with the Blancos. :)

June 12, 2012

I spent my Independence Day at Cagayan de Oro City with the Blanco family. The day was dark and gloomy and we were thankful that we brought along umbrellas because on the way to the city, it started pouring.

Why, hello there rain.

PIt stop at Colex gas station. Tomi enjoying the multicolored chess pieces. :)

I see the sea! :)

Went to a bookstore at Limketkai and found a book about baby names. We looked up Jewe;

A quick mirror photo at Mendrez while Auntie Loting tried on ballet flats :)

Jewel's hair before she had her hair cut!

And Voila! Shorter hair for Louise. :) I think 4 inches were chopped off. Teehee

Jewel looks good with her new haircut! :)

Posing outside Limketkai before we got lost in the city. Hahaha! :)

@ Jolibee DV. After we got lost, we rewarded ourselves with something cold and sweet :)

Photo spamming with Jewel while Auntie Lots and PJaye inquired at Globe about cellphone plans. :)

Thank you Blanco family for letting me tag along at Cagayan de Oro City! :)

Koylee. :)

Happy Birthday, Mama Gaga! :)

June 11, 2012.

Surprised Mama Gaga (Auntie Lucena's mom) with a pink birthday cake. Her birthday was on the day before, but because of very heavy rains and Manny's defeat, we couldn't make it on her natal day. Despite of our belated surprise, she was all smiles and profusely thanked us for being so thoughtful. :)

A pink birthday cake for Mama Gaga. :)

Lighting up the birthday candle..

My momma and Mama Gaga :)

Papa Bamboy and Uncle Baroy can't get over Manny Pacquiao on the news. Haha :)

Auntie Delita showing Auntie Lucena the cake while Papa Bamboy skyped with her.

Koylee. :)

Of Spiders, Eagles and Multicolored Bracelets.

June 12, 2012
An afternoon at Cagayan de Oro City. Do you like my top and boots? All from UK. ♥  Hihihi. Bracelets are from Mama :)

Koylee. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I am blessed. Thank you Lord for being a constant companion, for never failing to be my best friend. Thank you for family and friends whom I can count to always. Thank you for giving me a life worth living. Thank you for giving me a blog where I can pour out all the things I am truly grateful for. Thank You. I  thank You for everything. I am truly blessed by You.

Have a blessed good Monday, everyone! It's 4:16AM and way past my bed time. Better hit the sheets before my mom wakes up and finds me on the computer. Hehe! ;)

Koylee. :)

A Date With Louise. ♥

Spent my afternoon with Jewel Louise at Biaño's Pizzaderia where we ate 2 pizzas. Hahaha. I had fun with my partner in crime. We planned on going around town but the weather thought otherwise. We got stuck at Biaño's for a couple of hours because of the rain. It was time to head back home, and we were struggling to keep dry under a single umbrella. Once we reached my home's driveways, we were dismayed to find it flooded and we couldn't go around it. I said, "Oh well, YOLO (you only live once)!" which was a completely terrible mistake because Jewel had an evil smile on her face and she jumped into every puddle possible! Before I could say anything, I was dripping wet and very muddy. Hahahaha. One of the best moments spent with her. :)

Texting Mama where we are :)

 Look! Look! They finally got my name right! :)

First pizza..

Meet Jewel Louise :)

Watching the stray chicken. Haha.

Second pizza. Smaller this time.

Too bad I don't our picture struggling under that single umbrella. Or a picture splashing away like mad in those muddy puddles. Hahaha. Oh well, YOLO! ;)

Koylee. :)

Tea Party ♥

This is my first post. And gosh, it's gonna be a long one. But I really wanna share something with all of you. My mom had been planning a tea party for me and my nieces for quite a long time now. Then on June 9, 2012, it finally happened! And it was a smash hit! Big thanks to the moms who in fact, were more excited than us girls. :-)

So let's start..

We had a very very cute set up, with matching place cards for each guest. Everything was so cute and dainty right down to very littlest detail. From the tea set from England, to the lace tablecloth we borrowed from Auntie Bingle, to the flower arrangements my mom made for this occasion, to the knick knacks we borrowed from Auntie Loting and Auntie Lucena. The living room had a Victorian feel to it and it was very lovely. 

And the food! Oh, the yummy yummy treats they prepared for us. Ate Pichi made very delish mini cupcakes and a cake for us. Mama prepared crinkles of assorted flavors, rice crispies and the mocha cake from Auntie Lucille was tasty as well!

Before we had our tea, I fixed all my niece's hair (yes, all 8 of them). We had a special "parlor" set up on the other side of the living room. I did everyone's hair, while Mommy Tins helped out their make up. Took a very long time to get finished but hey, it takes time to look this good. ;)

The girls had their pictorials without me, because I was suffering from a bad head ache from all the preparation. I joined them after I nursed my headache. :)

Lui said, "This tea party is fabulous!" And right you are, Lui. That tea party was indeed fabulous and fun! Even the little boys had fun in the Boy's Corner (filled with Legos, too bad I don't have a picture of that :-( Oh well.)

Then ate Lia Montalvan, Aalia and Amaya's older sister had tea with my mom. Before everyone left that night, she took our picture and suddenly our living room turned into a studio! Haha.

I'm sorry for the extremely long blog post, but it's worth it. I undeniably had a great fun. I so can't wait for my next tea party with the girls.

Koylee. :)