Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Date With Louise. ♥

Spent my afternoon with Jewel Louise at Biaño's Pizzaderia where we ate 2 pizzas. Hahaha. I had fun with my partner in crime. We planned on going around town but the weather thought otherwise. We got stuck at Biaño's for a couple of hours because of the rain. It was time to head back home, and we were struggling to keep dry under a single umbrella. Once we reached my home's driveways, we were dismayed to find it flooded and we couldn't go around it. I said, "Oh well, YOLO (you only live once)!" which was a completely terrible mistake because Jewel had an evil smile on her face and she jumped into every puddle possible! Before I could say anything, I was dripping wet and very muddy. Hahahaha. One of the best moments spent with her. :)

Texting Mama where we are :)

 Look! Look! They finally got my name right! :)

First pizza..

Meet Jewel Louise :)

Watching the stray chicken. Haha.

Second pizza. Smaller this time.

Too bad I don't our picture struggling under that single umbrella. Or a picture splashing away like mad in those muddy puddles. Hahaha. Oh well, YOLO! ;)

Koylee. :)

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