Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shoelaces. ♥

Here Let Me Tie Your Shoe Laces, So You Won’t Fall For Anyone Else

A very corny pick up line but pick up lines can make any girl smile. I kinda favor this pick up line myself, and have used it once or twice (as a joke, of course). Anyways, about shoelaces. I'm an avid fan of shoelaces. Did you know that plastic end on the shoelace is actually called an "aglet"? Yep, thanks Phineas and Ferb for teaching me that! You could actually learn a lot from those little kids. :)

Shoelaces here, shoelaces there. I think I have every color imaginable. Ranging from neons to darks. And just recently, I gave someone two pairs of shoelaces. Judging by the smile on his face, I guess he liked my gift. Teehee! :3 Hmmm. Just a few days ago, I spent my allowance on shoelaces again. Hahaha! I think I bought about 5 pairs? xD I can't even remember. Hahaha. I bought this neon yellow and pink, grey, red and another color. I forgot. And I'm super duper excited to try them out! Til the next post. :D

Koylee. :) 

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