Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tea Party ♥

This is my first post. And gosh, it's gonna be a long one. But I really wanna share something with all of you. My mom had been planning a tea party for me and my nieces for quite a long time now. Then on June 9, 2012, it finally happened! And it was a smash hit! Big thanks to the moms who in fact, were more excited than us girls. :-)

So let's start..

We had a very very cute set up, with matching place cards for each guest. Everything was so cute and dainty right down to very littlest detail. From the tea set from England, to the lace tablecloth we borrowed from Auntie Bingle, to the flower arrangements my mom made for this occasion, to the knick knacks we borrowed from Auntie Loting and Auntie Lucena. The living room had a Victorian feel to it and it was very lovely. 

And the food! Oh, the yummy yummy treats they prepared for us. Ate Pichi made very delish mini cupcakes and a cake for us. Mama prepared crinkles of assorted flavors, rice crispies and the mocha cake from Auntie Lucille was tasty as well!

Before we had our tea, I fixed all my niece's hair (yes, all 8 of them). We had a special "parlor" set up on the other side of the living room. I did everyone's hair, while Mommy Tins helped out their make up. Took a very long time to get finished but hey, it takes time to look this good. ;)

The girls had their pictorials without me, because I was suffering from a bad head ache from all the preparation. I joined them after I nursed my headache. :)

Lui said, "This tea party is fabulous!" And right you are, Lui. That tea party was indeed fabulous and fun! Even the little boys had fun in the Boy's Corner (filled with Legos, too bad I don't have a picture of that :-( Oh well.)

Then ate Lia Montalvan, Aalia and Amaya's older sister had tea with my mom. Before everyone left that night, she took our picture and suddenly our living room turned into a studio! Haha.

I'm sorry for the extremely long blog post, but it's worth it. I undeniably had a great fun. I so can't wait for my next tea party with the girls.

Koylee. :)

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