Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nail Art ♥

My cousin John sent me a baby blue nail polish from the States and I just fell in love with it. I couldn't resist trying out my all time favorite nail art.

I love how the colors transition from baby blue to dark blue and to black.
Tell me what you think about my nails! :)

Ta ta for now,
Hey Koylee :)

Tickled Pink ♥

I discovered my cousin's matte lip gloss and thought of trying it on. And I'm in love with it! It's matte, bright and a real stand out color!

The only problem I had with this lip gloss is that because of it's matte finish, my lips tend to show cracks and lines all over because of the dryness. Not a really pretty sight but hey, no one's really gonna notice right? Hahah! Oh well. Who cares, I'm still in love with it. ;)

Hey Koylee :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lucius ♥

Hey friends! Meet this lil cute bundle of joy, Lucius. He's the son of my cousin Toni and husband Job. He's two months old and I love him to bits! He's the cutest baby ever. :)

Baby Lucius just woke up, he's giving us a lil stretch before he shows us those pretty eyes of his ;)

Tell me, can you resist a terribly cute face like this?! :)

Little feet ♥

Just look at that smile, those lashes, that cute little nose. He's a gift from God! :)

The Morning After

Like most parties, it ended in the wee hours of the morning. Everyone had a real good time and I guess too much to drink, that's why everyone ended up asleep on a couch or on a bed somewhere in the house. Meanwhile, I was up and about and bonded with my Matteo Luca. Hehehe :)

Hahahaha! I'm so sorry girls. It was Luca! He made me do it. I couldn't resist capturing your sleeping faces! :)

Bonded with Luca, I always loved early morning sunlight. Feels so good on the skin and Luca just loves the lighting :)

Meet my friends, Carolyn and Ada, these girls woke up and we helped clean up the place. Good bye bottles and cobwebs! :)

Hey Koylee :)

Rhey Rhen's Vampire Party

October 12, 2012

This post is 5 days late since it happened please forgive me because I've been really really busy with school and social gatherings. But this is a really good party, too good to not blog about. :D

Anywayssss, it's Rhea's Vampire Masquerade birthday! Remember her? She's the one who conducted that Street Chic Photoshoot that I blogged about a long time ago! For her birthday, instead of getting all dolled up, most of us wore a little black dress and rocked it out with smokey eyes and smackin' red lips ;)

The venue looks extra spooky with cobwebs everywhere! Goodies and extra chocolate cake adds a quirky touch to the party

Meet the very pretty, very hot, very down to earth birthday celebrant, the chic vampire Rhea :)

Guests at the party :)

Street Chic performed Bubble Pop by Hyuna and Oppa Gangnam Style by PSY. Sorry guys, but I really don't dance. I only did this 'cause they wouldn't allow me to back out. Hahah! :)

Rhea and I, enjoying a cup full of blood. Lol, just kidding. Just some punch :)

Couple act ;) ♥ Kuya Momot and Ate Joanna; Delanxie and John and; Michael and Rhea

Siblings: Marie Belle and Mary Rose; My kuya Momot and I

A gift from all of us Street Chic. A Hello Kitty mug and coaster. :)

And there's me, hmmm, what am I holding? Hahah! Just enjoying the night! :)

We know it's a bit too early for Halloween, but we really had an awesome time. This right here are my new found friends and I can't wait to make more blog posts about the awesome times we are going to have together! :)

Hey Koylee :)

Matteo Luca ♥

Hi guys! I finally got the camera of my dreams the other week! A Nikon d5100. :) I am one very happy Koylee. I'd like to thank my Mama and Papa for this wonderful gift, they say it's worth 2-3 years of birthday gifts they missed out on. Lol.

So guys, I'd like you to meet my new baby, my Matteo Luca ♥
I don't know where I got that name but I am totally in love with it. Hahah! Everybody thought that I was talking about a guy, they were in for a shock when it was a camera actually. Hehe! My bad. Didn't mean to cause any confusion :)

I am super duper in love with him. I can't wait to actually practice photography with the big dogs! My photographer friends are gonna take me on photowalks soon. Wee! They told me to study about ISO and aperture and photog terms and such but I can't seem to get it. Hehe! Sorry, still new here! Still stuck in my point and shoot mode. Di bale, I will learn. I will. And that's a promise.

I'm sorry I got to post this very late. I got real busy with school and social gatherings (will post about that after this one) and I haven't got time to blog. :/

But not to worry! Today, I will blog away! Yey!
I can't wait to spice up my blog posts with pictures from my Matteo Luca.

Til my next entry,
Hey Koylee :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Facebook Love

Starting this post with a video. It's about a guy who fell in love with a girl through Facebook. Well, this happened to me. To us, rather.

We met online last year. Around June 2011 we became friends on Facebook. But it was around October when we started chatting nonstop. He was just a "kuya" to me, or an older brother. He was there for me when I broke up with my boyfriend at that time. He comforted me and long story short. I fell for him. Like super head over heels in love with him.

This guy I'm talking about, is the ideal guy for me. He's tall, handsome, quirky, funny and the best part is, he's the sweetest guy ever. Only thing that complicated our love story was the distance. He's from Manila while I'm stuck in Bukidnon.

We've been chatting, texting, calling each other from then on. And each and every day, my feelings for him got deeper. It was obvious to everyone that I was in love with him. But not everybody enjoyed my enthusiasm.

"Forget about him." they said. "He's not even real." they said. "He could be playing around with you." they said. I got tired listening to their protests about this guy. This guy who constantly made me smile. This guy who made me laugh, made me happy, made my every day complete.

I didn't want to listen to their rants and protests. I followed my own heart. I guess I'm that hard headed and stubborn. What can I say? I'm just a girl who fell with a guy online. Simple as that.

Many times we had our differences. Many times we fought over trivial things. Many times we stopped communicating because of our indifference. And during this tough times, I felt lost. I don't know, but it felt like the other half of myself vanished along with him. For days I'd stay up curled in bed, staring at my phone, waiting for a single text or call. I was that depressed whenever we got into a fight. We were acting like a real couple even though we aren't.

Then he'd text. He'd say that he missed me. And I'd say I missed him too. I couldn't imagine my life without him ever since he arrived. Despite the huge fact that we haven't set eyes on each other yet. I love him, oh yes I do. And it's all thanks to Facebook. For giving me my first Facebook Love. :)

Tell me, am I being stupid? Am I being so blind? I know this might not last long, with not seeing each other and all, but I am truly happy with him. That's what matters right? Being happy. Right now, I AM HAPPY. Trust me, I am.

So Mr. John Paul Chace, if you happen to read this blog post, I just wanna let you know that you make me happy. And I thank you for being there for me. I love you. Always. ♥

Hey Koylee

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Don't Want To Be VOICELESS

Have you guys heard of the Philippine's R.A No. 10175? Well, this act right here is also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. And for those who haven't read about it yet, here's a link to R.A No. 10175.

On  the night  of October 2, 2012, I came home tired and weary from a 12-hour hospital duty at the operating room. I intended to sleep early that night but there was a nagging little voice at the back of my mind that kept on telling me to check my Facebook.
The moment I logged in, all I could see on my News feed were pictures, statuses and links about this law. People changed their profile pictures and cover photos as outcries of protest.
All of that totally woke me up.
I read and read all about the law, all the articles I could Google up, saw all the pictures, went to all the links, read and liked all the statuses, and practically everything there was.
I spent all night on the laptop that night. I didn't eat my dinner, I didn't change out of my nursing uniform and I didn't stop reading.

One question kept replaying on my mind: WHY?

I don't understand WHY this had to happen.
WHY the libel clause had to be inserted.
WHY can a simple act of sharing a photo on Facebook can send me to jail for 12 years?
WHY can a simple comment or even a retweet can get me sued for P200,000?
WHY is my freedom of speech is being taken away from me?
WHY can't we use that 50 million pesos in building hospitals or schools?
WHY can't we use that money to feed the less fortunate?

As a blogger and a frequent internet user, this is totally unacceptable.
I think this is the first law that has ALL the teenagers all so worked up and angry.

The government is taking away my freedom of speech. I will not sit back and relax when that happens. They are killing my Internet freedom as I know it. As we all Filipinos know it.