Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rhey Rhen's Vampire Party

October 12, 2012

This post is 5 days late since it happened please forgive me because I've been really really busy with school and social gatherings. But this is a really good party, too good to not blog about. :D

Anywayssss, it's Rhea's Vampire Masquerade birthday! Remember her? She's the one who conducted that Street Chic Photoshoot that I blogged about a long time ago! For her birthday, instead of getting all dolled up, most of us wore a little black dress and rocked it out with smokey eyes and smackin' red lips ;)

The venue looks extra spooky with cobwebs everywhere! Goodies and extra chocolate cake adds a quirky touch to the party

Meet the very pretty, very hot, very down to earth birthday celebrant, the chic vampire Rhea :)

Guests at the party :)

Street Chic performed Bubble Pop by Hyuna and Oppa Gangnam Style by PSY. Sorry guys, but I really don't dance. I only did this 'cause they wouldn't allow me to back out. Hahah! :)

Rhea and I, enjoying a cup full of blood. Lol, just kidding. Just some punch :)

Couple act ;) ♥ Kuya Momot and Ate Joanna; Delanxie and John and; Michael and Rhea

Siblings: Marie Belle and Mary Rose; My kuya Momot and I

A gift from all of us Street Chic. A Hello Kitty mug and coaster. :)

And there's me, hmmm, what am I holding? Hahah! Just enjoying the night! :)

We know it's a bit too early for Halloween, but we really had an awesome time. This right here are my new found friends and I can't wait to make more blog posts about the awesome times we are going to have together! :)

Hey Koylee :)

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