Thursday, November 22, 2012

Miami ♥

Meet Miami.
Miami is the boss of the house.
Lucky dog, he gets fed almost 4 times a day.
While I get to eat only twice. Haha!

He's fat, short and smelly.
He likes jumping on other people.
He loves to sneak his way inside the house.
We then have to bribe him with treats or food just for him to get out.

But besides all that.
He's truly man's best friend.
He even made my mama to love him when the truth is,
mama hates dogs. Hahah!

This little dog right here,
is the favorite of the family.
He gets the royal treatment all the time.
He's such a lovable dog that you can't resist him.

And the best part is,
he's the best guard dog ever.
He might be short and stout.
But I bet he'd guard us and the house with all his tiny little heart.
He has got the loudest bark ever,
and even if from a distance away and he thinks your a threat,
he'd perk up his ears and bark that almighty bark.

How I love this little dog.
How we all love Miami. :)

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